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As the winter season brings cooler temperatures and longer nights, our natural urge as humans is to look for ways to stay warm. There are many ways to warm your home without turning up the thermostat. So, for all warmth seekers amongst us: a top 5 of ways to keep warm all season long, without turning up the heat.

  1. Cook and bake
    As weather gets cooler, our bodies naturally desire warmth. One great way to satisfy this desire is by consuming warm, nutritious foods. Another added benefit: cooking and baking can generate heat in your kitchen, which can help to warm up other areas of your home. Enjoy your grandma's apple pie or make our apple cake filled with warming spices. Let the aroma of these meals cooked with love fill your home and body for an overall warming experience.

  2. Adding layers
    Layering is a well known grandmothers tip to keep warm during the colder days. To help keep your home comfortable and cozy, drape woolen blankets (the more the merrier) over your couch so you can snuggle up with them at any moment of the day. Add another layer of insulation by placing soft cushions and sheepskins over your benches and wooden chairs. Put an extra wool blanket or heavy cotton quilt at the foot of your bed for weighted comfort that will warm your icy toes overnight. 

  3. Cocooning
    Cocoon yourself in bed in company with one of our hot water bottles with soft sheepskin covers. For an even cozier and more snug sleeping experience, make sure to tightly tuck in the corners of your bedsheets to trap warm air and . Another helpful tip, passed down from generation to generation, is to place a wool blanket on top of your mattress, but underneath your fitted sheet. This acts like a warm base layer and helps to insulate your core body temperature, ensuring that your entire bed stays warm. Give it a try and let us know whether it works for you!

  4. Candles everywhere
    Even though I am a strong believer of less is more, I will make an exception for candles anytime! Whether it are scented candles or natural, subtle beeswax candles, placing candles all around your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make sure warmth will stick around during the colder season. Whilst there is literal warmth emitted from the candle, the soft glow radiating from the flickering flame will warm you up from the inside too. 

  5. Make a simmerpot 
    A seasonal simmerpot is one of the best ways to radiate warmth throughout your home. And the best thing is, it is so easy to do: add your chosen ingredients to a pot and cover it with water before bringing it to a boil. Once the water cooks, reduce the heat low enough to allow the mixture to simmer slowly. After a couple of minutes, the simmerpots' aroma will start filling up the space. The following recipe can be used as a guideline, but I strongly encourage you to experiment and determine what inspires warmth for you:

    1 orange (sliced, or only use the peels)
    1 lemon (sliced, or only use the peels)
    apple (sliced)
    3 cinnamon sticks
    some whole cloves
    a couple of bay leaves

Other effective ways to stay warm during the winter season are adding layers of clothing, wearing (woolen) socks in your slippers, closing off doors, using draft stoppers, adding plants, add an extra layer of insulation to your single glazed windows, These methods can all help to improve the comfort of your home during the darker winter months without you having to increase your energy usage. Are there any tips that I have missed? Please feel free to share below. 

interior tips

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