horn spoon - 18.5 cm - multiple colours

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colour light

Lightweight and yet substantial, each spoon is handcrafted from raw horn to create a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel. Unfinished and sanded to glassy perfection, these spoons make cold or room temperature dishes such as deli salads, cold soups, and your daily breakfast bowl all the better. The natural horn material feels "warm" when in contact with your mouth, which makes it a very pleasant spoon to use - for all ages! As an entirely natural and untreated product, these horn spoons are biodegradable and can be composted at end of life. The spoon's colors range from translucent, pale yellows to deep, solid blacks, which we have divided in two color options: light and dark: 

What's to love: 

  • Handmade by specialists
  • Being made entirely from a natural product, each spoon has a unique pattern
  • Warm and soft feel to the mouth 
  • Safe for babies, childern and adults: no varnishes or chemicals are used during the production process
  • Doesn't give off flavour to the food that you eat

    - Dimensions: L 18.5 cm
    - Material: 100% Danish or Nigerian cow horn
    - Origin: designed and made in Denmark

    To prevent the product from drying out, rub cooking oil over it from time to time, after which you can wipe it with a kitchen paper.
    Clean: please note horn items are not suitable for your dishwasher, only wash by hand!

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