handwoven market basket - chocolate

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this durable basket is great for carrying and storing blankets, books or groceries. the basket is handwoven from elephant grass dyed in a rich dark brown colour. due to is durable character, it will remain functional and beautiful for years. the baskets handle is wrapped in a soft dark brown leather, matching the dye of the basket.  

these baskets are handmade, one at a time, using all natural materials. first the straws are split into multiple strings which are twisted to form the ropes that are used for weaving. when these ropes are ready, the weaving will start. starting from the bottom, working their way up to the sides and finally the handles. it will take one person up to 2-3 days to finish one basket. even though these baskets are crafted by professionals, some variation in color, shape and size can be expected due to the handmade nature of this basket. we believe that the natural imperfections and blemishes are what make this product charming and unique, we hope you do too!

these products are purchased directly from our partner in Ghana, which means you directly are contributing to the Ghanese community when purchasing them!

  • measurements: 43 cm x 30.5 cm 
  • material: 100% died elephant grass with leather handle
  • origin: handwoven with care by the men and women of Ghana
  • multiple sizes available (see product options)

  • these baskets are packed down for more environmental and economic shipping. please keep in mind they have to be reshaped upon arrival.
  • reshaping tips: sprinkle the basket with cold water (to prevent the dye from bleeding). please keep in mind to keep the leather handle dry! press and smooth the basket to the desired shape. shake out excess water, then set in a warm place to dry. do not place a wet basket on a surface onto which the dye may transfer. repeat as needed.

plant dye

then if they are to weave natural like the floor basksts, they start right after twisting but if it demands colours like that of dark brown then we need to dye the twisted ropes by boiling water for say 20 minutes put the the dye ,and note though you see Dark brown colours we will need about 3 different colours to get the dark brown ,so the colours are put into the boiling water for sometime say about 30 minutes and then remove them from he hot water and dry it before using it

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