Shipping policy


Delivery will be processed by DHL to an address of your choice. 
You can track all orders with a personalised tracking code. You will receive this code once your order leaves our warehouse. 
You will receive a confirmation mail within 30 minutes after your order. If not, please check your spam folder ;)

International shipments outside the European Union could have some duties and taxes once the shipment reaches the delivery country. Ezu Studio cannot control or predict these charges, therefore it is our customers responsibility to pay any additional charges for customs clearance.

Check your track-and-trace code on a regularly base so you can follow your order. In case you suspect something is going wrong, please reach out to


If you order before 22:00, your order will be dispatched the day (the Netherlands & Belgium).
For the rest of Europe, your order will be dispatched the same day if you order before 18:00.

In case of technical malfunction, however, which fall under the category of circumstances beyond Ezu Studio control, an order will be shipped as soon as possible. Ezu Studio will keep the customer duly informed of the status of the order. 
The shipping time is indicative and is therefore not guaranteed. It should be considered as a non-binding estimate. Ezu Studio cannot be held responsible if the shipping company is unable to deliver the order to customer on time. In accordance with the law 'distance selling', a product must be delivered to the customer within 30 days of the order placement unless otherwise agreed. If this delivery period is not achievable, then Ezu Studio will make the customer aware of this writing in writing and customer has the right to cancel without additional charges. In this event, any amounts already paid will be credited within 14 days after.

If the package is damaged when it arrives and/or any shortages in the products delivered, it is your responsibility to inform us as soon as possible. 
We may only be held liable for damage in the event of deliberate act or gross negligence. We are not liable for any indirect damages whatsoever which may have been incurred by the buyer.  


See an overview of our shipping costs below. These costs are based on 

Country Shipping costs Shipping time
The Netherlands 
€ 4,95 (Free shipping on orders over € 75,-) 1 working day
Austria € 14,95
€ 4,95 (Free shipping on orders over € 75,-) 1-2 working days
Bulgaria € 31,95 4-6 working days
Cyprus € 30,95 4-6 working days
Croatia € 30,95 5-8 working days
Czech Republik € 11,95 3-6 working days
Denmark € 14,95 2-3 working days
Estonia € 19,95 4-6 working days
Finland € 16,95 3-6 working days
France € 12,95 2-4 working days
Germany € 7,95 2-3 working days
Greece € 25,95 3-6 working days
Hungary € 11,95 3-6 working days
Italy € 14,95 2-5 working days
Latvia € 19,95 4-6 working days
Lithuania € 19,95 4-6 working days
Luxembourg € 11,95 2-4 working days
Malta € 30,95 3-6 working days
Monaco € 12,95 2-4 working days
Slovakia € 11,95 3-6 working days
Spain € 14,95 3-5 working days
€ 19,95 2-5 working days
Portugal € 14,95 3-5 working days
United Kingdom € 19,95 5-7 working days
Rest of the world Shipping is automatically set at € 70,-. Please know these cost will be adjusted:
shipping costs for your country are based on distance, size and weight.
Please get in touch so we can calculate & adjust the shipping price in your order.
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Ezu Studio has no influence on the transit times indicated by the post and therefore accepts no responsibility regarding the achievement of these times. Due to unforeseen circumstances and (peak) traffic it may occur that a parcel takes longer to arrive than normal. No rights may therefore be derived from these transit times.